12 Best Eco-Friendly Jewelry Brands in 2022

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When you think about living a more eco-friendly life, the first things that come to mind are often the foods you eat, the clothes you wear and the products you use, right? ? But what about those forever jewels you invest in with the hopes of never taking off? Spoiler alert: although the jewelry industry as a whole can have quite a heavy impact on the environment (causing erosion, waste, and the release of harmful chemicals into the atmosphere), if you consciously choose your parts, among the good brands, they can be nice.uh to the planet too.

People have worn jewelry for over 75,000 years and will continue to do so for many more, so knowing where to buy is important to limit environmental impact. When it comes to durable jewelry, there are a few questions to ask yourself before buying. Where are the parts made? Who makes them? What are the working conditions? Are the materials used recycled or ethically sourced? Is this a durable piece that I’ll wear forever or will I end up getting it out of my rotation pretty quickly? And when it comes to waste, what does the brand’s environmental footprint look like? The following brands value ethical working conditions, low carbon emissions, and transparency to help you shine, stress-free.

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The best eco-friendly jewelry brands

Athena Necklace Inspired by Awe — $185.00

This gold necklace perfectly marries the line between minimalist and assertive. You can choose from eight different chain options to keep it simple or add a pop of color to the style. The Athena pendant is powerful, while the gold finish makes it ideal for layering with other options or worn on its own. Ethically sourced materials are DEP and FLA certified, and 20% of profits go to help women in need around the world.

Common Alloy Paperclip and Rope Chain Necklace – $200.00

This two-piece set can be layered or worn individually. The necklaces are 18k gold vermeil and are made from partially recycled materials. The brand is family-owned, uses fair labor practices, and only sources materials from conflict-free regions. The best part is that due to the simple design and durable craftsmanship, these pieces will be part of your collection forever.

Kinraden Doric Mini Earring (one piece) – $149.00

This handmade earring (one piece) is made from pure, recycled sterling silver. It’s easy to wear and pair with any other piece of your headset, and its structural design sets it apart from the rest of your collection. The brand’s mission statement emphasizes that they are “in business to create lasting beauty and positively impact this wonderful planet of ours”.

Annele Rosealicious Ring – $240.00

If you’re looking to add a fun pop of color to your jewelry collection, Annele has you covered. The brand specializes in one-of-a-kind pieces that feature fruit, flowers and funky patterns, and are perfect when you need to spice up and outfit yourself with a statement piece. Annele seeks to embrace nature and protect it through “slow fashion principles, such as locally sourced materials, artisanal production and fairness for consumers and producers”.

Show Love Unisex Hakuna Matata Necklace — $118.00

Hakuna in Swahili roughly translates to “there is no here” and Matata translates to “problems”. Combine together and you get an adjusted meaning of “there are no problems here”. This pendant is perfect for both men and women to help get rid of all worries and concerns. And yes, if you liked Disney’s The Lion King as you grow, you may appreciate this necklace even more. The pieces are made from recycled metals, fair trade precious and semi-precious stones, and all gold-plated pieces are nickel free. Additionally, all packaging and printed materials are made in the USA with chlorine-free, FSC-certified, recycled, post-consumer paper. The brand also donates the majority of its profits to environmental and humanitarian causes, each specific to the piece you buy!

Bright Earth Hydrangea Earrings – $390.00

These cluster earrings redefine sparkle! They’re available in three different color options and two metal choices, so you can add a splash of shimmering color to any look. The precious metals are all recycled and the gemstones are ethically sourced, so you can wear this pair without worrying about the environmental impact.

Gemist Mini Pave Huggies – $299.00

This classic pavé huggie style is a staple in any jewelry collection. They’re perfect for wearing in your main piercing, but are also delicate enough to pair with other earrings in your second or third (or sixth!) hole. The brand uses materials from sustainable sources and guarantees fair wages and working conditions to all its suppliers.

Curious Creatures Gem Necklace – $586.00

You can’t go wrong with the classics. This timeless necklace is elegant, delicate and sure to sparkle when it catches the light. The piece is the perfect subtle statement that you won’t want to take off, and because of the added finish it will retain its luster for a long time so you don’t have to. The best part is that the materials are all so pure that wearing the piece all day and night won’t irritate even the most sensitive skin.

Amyo Engravable Curb Chain Ring – $45.00

Who doesn’t love a little personalization? This dainty ring is minimalist, easy to stack, and can be personalized, making it the perfect gift for a loved one (or yourself!). The piece is delicate, ethically produced and handmade to limit waste.

Darling Love Ashok Leaf Earrings – $99.00

Stand out in the crowd with these unique earrings that look like a leaf wrapping around your ear. Ashok leaf is said to bring health and attract happiness and prosperity. It represents love, beauty and elegance – and these earrings are stylish! The brand also favors the use of recycled and organic materials and helps to increase the income of vulnerable families. It also plants a tree with each order.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.