12 best trendy jewelry brands in 2022: necklaces, rings

Make a statement in 2022. What do you have to lose?

Statement jewelry is back in style, as with so many other 2000s trends like non-skinny jeans, flared leggings, skimpy sunglasses…the list goes on.

Now it’s chunky rings, dazzling necklaces and stacks of bracelets that are coming back into fashion, and all of us who got rid of those items in the 90s and 2000s are kicking ourselves.

If you’re one of those people who’s had too many yard sales and now need to replenish your supply of statement pieces, here’s your chance. We’ve rounded up all the new brands that have this old style in stock, with a few new tweaks and sparkles to keep them on trend for 2022.

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Air and Anchor

Nice to meet you, Air and Anchor. This jewelry brand is known for its cool charms and clasps, which are super unique to the company. They sell men’s and women’s pieces and run the gamut of jewelry with rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces and more.

A woman's neck with layered necklaces and hands with rings
Anna Beck jewelry

For easy-to-wear on-trend pieces, check out Anna Beck Jewelry’s selection. They wear everyday delicates, but we love their chunky rings with chunky gemstones, pendants perfect for layering and more.

A woman in a white shirt with berry jewelry and a woman's hand holding a basket and an orange with berry rings

This brand is super fresh and ripe for the picking in 2022. Annele makes stunning fruit and nature inspired jewelry that makes a real statement. We love berry earrings that come in a variety of colors (or should we say flavors?) and necklaces and rings inspired by bursting wildflowers.

Two women's ears with dangling earrings in the shape of cocktails

BaubleBar is truly great for all occasions and jewelry, but first we have to call their earrings. The Novelty Earring Collection, also called Gemoji by BaubleBar, includes a ton of topical and silly dangle earrings, shaped like cocktails, food, school supplies and more – nothing is too much there – down, and be sure to check back often for new additions to the site.

A side by side image of a neon watch with huge numbers and a necklace with cherries on it
betty johnson

Betsey Johnson is truly the queen of the statement and her jewelry is no different. It’s also a perfect place to prep for Valentine’s Day, as they always have super fun holiday drops to get you in the festive spirit, as well as their classic pieces like crazy necklaces, bling-bling watches and more. again.

A range of super neon and colorful rings

This company takes the year 2000 to a whole new level and we are here for it. BONBONWHIMS is a super bright, super upbeat jewelry brand that specializes in these chunky, on-trend neon rings, as well as dangling earrings and fun necklaces to match.

A range of large jewelry

Yes, that Claire’s that was the cornerstone of any mall since you were a kid. They shouldn’t be overlooked, however, as Claire’s has some great jewelry that’s on trend and at some of the best prices too. For sparkling neck candies, check out their statement necklaces, then add dangling earrings and other colorful accessories for a true y2k look from a y2k brand.

A range of pearl necklaces
EMRI studio

Animal lovers beware, because these charms are too cute to handle. This jewelry company makes necklaces, bracelets and more, but with their own pastel and super cute style. After you’ve decorated yourself, also grab a matching phone charm and make a statement wherever you go.

An arm with a stack of bracelets on it with empowering messages
Little Words Project

Want to make an actual written statement? Let the bracelets and jewelry from Little Words Project do the talking. These pieces are adorable and send a great message, with empowering phrases you can wear when you need them, then pass on to friends or even strangers who might need some encouragement afterwards, by following the piece with a code unique engraved on one of the charms.

Two gemstone rings on a ring stand
local eclectic

This is a great statement brand for anyone with an eye for fashion and eclectic taste. We especially love their larger-than-life rings, which come with chunky gemstones, in fun shapes, and other eye-catching designs that you’ll only find here.

A woman with diamond necklaces and earrings
Nana Jacqueline

This is not your grandmother’s jewelry box. Nana Jacqueline is a wonderful boutique to stock up on anything beyond glitz and glamour. They have a great selection of statement necklaces, earrings with large gemstones, and more on their accessories page on the site.

A woman's neck showing a gold necklace with charms on it

Sequins always cause a stir, don’t they? Sequin NYC is a New York brand with a big attitude, just like the city itself. Head over to the statements page to check out some of the best, including chunky necklaces, fringe earrings, tassels, sparkles and more.

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