14 Best Jewelry Brands: Monica Vinader, Mejuri, Jennifer Behr and More

Inject a simple jeans and t-shirt look with a little punch is not the easiest task, unless, of course, you have the best jewelry brands. There’s a reason jewelry is usually seen as the finishing touch – everything from hugs to pendant necklaces and even dainty earrings can add a bit of dazzle to what would otherwise be dull, and while classic fine jewelry brands like Cartier, Bulgari and Tiffany & Co. are definitely the heavy hitters, they’re not your only option. Thanks to the rising stars of jewelry, there’s plenty of shine for everyone. Ahead are the top jewelry brands you should pay close attention to.

Monique Vinader

Monica Vinader’s name might make you think of the royal family, as Kate Middleton (who wears the Siren earrings, below) and Meghan Markle (a fan of the bracelets) have been spotted wearing her pieces. But there’s a lot more to the line than being a palate favourite. In 2020, the brand turned to sustainability and began prioritizing materials like recycled sterling silver and recycled gold vermeil, as well as sustainably sourced diamonds, gems and pearls.


Many brands favor lab-grown diamonds because they use sustainable ingredients and are less expensive than mined diamonds. This is precisely why Idyl, an emerging modular jewelry brand based in Belgium, only offers lab-grown diamonds in its handmade pieces. (For the uninitiated, the modular design means you can start with a basic piece and mix and match accessories for an almost custom look.) With stars like Jessica Alba, Eva Longoria and Jamie Chung all wearing Idyl, this is a name that will not stay small for long.

Studio Kinn

This AAPI owned brand, Kinn, aims to bring you the classics. These everyday, heirloom-inspired herringbone chains and signet rings look decades old, and you could keep them that long, too. We particularly love the brand’s anklet as a subtle nod to the ’90s era. (But you can round out Delia’s catalog by adding some skinny socks and low-cut lace-ups, too.)


Who gets double tapped every time they see Christina Tung’s SVNR brand appear in their feed? (Guilty.) It’s understandable: SVNR’s playful designs (think milky quartz earrings or pastel rainbow necklace) are a feast for the eyes. But that’s not the only reason they deserve a place in your jewelry box. The sustainability-conscious designer Also works with used and recycled materials to create standout pieces you’ll reach for when you feel like standing out.

Jennifer Behr

Gossip Girl may have been partly responsible for bringing designer Jennifer Behr to the fore – our favorite debutante Leighton Meester adored herself with an intricate Behr headband – but the wedding-worthy hair accessories and jewelry ethereal touches from the designer kept her on top. Since 2005, the Brooklyn-based jeweler has continued to create pieces that look dreamy but still have that downtown flair.


You might already be a fan of Mejuri’s understated aesthetic, but we still stock everything from stacked rings to tennis bracelets. CEO Noura Sakkijha co-founded the brand with her husband, and together they’ve created coveted direct-to-consumer pieces that are worth all the street cred, in part because they look so much more expensive than they are. Expect everyday fashion jewelry that’s surprisingly affordable.


True Diamonds are grown in an energy-efficient foundry in the Western Pacific, then cut and polished to the highest standards by top-notch cutters in Belgium. The result? Truly stunning pieces, from special occasion carats to everyday must-haves. The process for buying engagement rings is specific enough to satisfy even the pickiest of us – just select from 15 shapes (round, oval, pear, baguette, emerald, marquise, etc.), then choose among three metal bands.

ten savages

If you’re feeling West Coast looking at Tenisha Wilde’s all-gold line, you’d be right — Ten Wilde is practically a showcase for her California roots (she’s from NorCal). Pieces are versatile yet feel elevated, ranging from gold hoop earrings to medallion pearl necklaces that easily elevate casual looks.


Part ear piercing studio and part jewelry brand (a few years ago Kaia Gerber did the snakebites), Studs is the place to go for those intricate piercings that run through your lobe. You will, yes, find studs in every style, from conch to helix to rook piercings, all at affordable prices. The brand is based in New York, so you’ll naturally find small MTA card designs and bodega coffee mugs among its many offerings.


The Gorjana jewelry line is one you’ve probably seen in the wild. He’s incredibly popular among the big names (Michelle Obama is a fan, NBD) with zodiac coin necklaces, rose gold signet rings and jewel-toned studs leading the charge. Try the layering set and build your obscene Of the.

Luv AJ

It’s hard to believe that LA cool girl Amanda Thomas launched her brand Luv AJ over 15 years ago, she still looks so fresh and relevant. You won’t catch any minimalist vibes here; its aesthetic is bolder than anything else. Consider it the ultimate exit spark, because a set of star-shaped door knockers or a double-piece charm necklace is hard to beat.

Lele Sadoughi

Although Lele Sadoughi is practically the queen of ’80s-inspired headbands, which you can find adorned with beads, crystals and bows, she does much more than produce whimsical hair accessories. The designer honed her craft skills at J.Crew, where she helped launch her own jewelry line, before going freelance in 2012. These days, you’ll find her playing with color and texture in every piece of jewelry she creates.

To be able to

During a trip to Ethiopia, the founders of Able met and trained two former sex workers to make scarves to help them earn a living. Scarves took off, and Able quickly established himself as a pioneer of ethical fashion, guaranteeing a living wage for all employees, even sharing those wages with the public. The Nashville-based brand opened a second headquarters, in Ethiopia, and has since expanded into dainty, minimalist footwear, apparel and jewelry, so you can buy your hugs and feel great too.

light box

Whether you’re looking for diamond rings or just swapping bracelets for high-quality bracelets, Lightbox is the place to go for lab-grown diamonds. All diamonds over .20 carats have been subject to quality control by the brand, which even provides proof; the brand uses a laser inscription to identify that each rock has been inspected for cut, color, clarity and, of course, carat. Keep an eye out for the half-carate pierced pendant set in sparkling white gold – it’s a real sparkle.

Courtesy of the brand

Lightbox Lab-Grown Diamond 1/8-Carat Mini Round Brilliant Solitaire Stud