14 sustainable jewelry brands to wear on your wedding day

It’s no secret that the jewelry industry has historically engaged in questionable ethical and environmental practices. The convoluted supply chain, involving the mining of precious metals and gemstones in conflict zones around the world, has even led to the popularization of the phrase “blood diamonds”, which refers to the raw materials sold to finance the civil wars in Angola and the Sierra. Leon. Following in the footsteps of the fashion and beauty industry, sustainable jewelry is fortunately on the rise, with consumers demanding ethically sourced and eco-friendly gemstones that they can happily wear.

While the four Cs (cut, color, carat and clarity) will always be important considerations when purchasing an engagement ring, consumers are increasingly curious about the full range of social, ethical and environmental factors traditionally associated with alliances. Fortunately, there are many eco-responsible accessory brands that are committed to promoting transparency and traceability in the jewelry industry; with more and more brands evaluating and evolving their sustainability efforts every day, to meet growing consumer demand.

The search for durable wedding jewelry can seem overwhelming, but to help you sift through the noise, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite accessory brands that do it right. Below are 14 companies that stand out for their superb quality parts, fair labor practices, low environmental impact and transparent supply chains.