16 Best Jewelry Brands To Buy If You Love Mejuri

Adulthood comes with some benefits and many caveats – some, like balancing checkbooks and learning to make dishes beyond pasta, are expected, but others, like investing in the best jewelry brands, are often forgotten. But don’t worry, we’re here to remind you.

As much as we love the multipack stud earrings we received from Claire’s in college, high-quality jewelry is an essential part of the newly acquired grown-up uniform. Personally, I’ve been searching for workplace-appropriate jewelry for months in preparation for corporate America’s gray cubicles. As graduation approached, I found myself ditching my $10 plastic pieces in favor of higher-quality classics from high-jewelry brands. As fun as it is to wear my chunky mushroom earrings in bright pink enamel, sometimes you need a timeless piece to incorporate into your wardrobe. Whether worn with a blazer or jeans, everyone needs a good pair of solid gold hoop earrings.

If you’ve been on the internet long enough, you’ve probably heard of Mejuri. The Toronto-based jewelry brand is a favorite with celebrities, influencers and everyday people alike. With a massive range of rings, necklaces, and earrings in a variety of styles and materials (gold vermeil is a game-changer for baddies on a budget!), it feels like everyone and their mother have a piece of the mark these days. But, for those days when you want to explore other brands that exude the same elevated vibe, it can be hard to narrow down all the options available to us.

Don’t worry, because that’s where we come in. Below, we’ve rounded up our favorite jewelry brands (as well as our favorite pieces!) that fall into the three main categories: style, quality, and price.

This New York-based brand is best known for its claspless personalized Forever bracelet, which is soldered onto your body – but its other designs have also taken TikTok by storm. Founded in 2004, the brand is community driven, emphasizing quality and timeless design. The majority of Catbird’s pieces are delicate and timeless, using a variety of metals and stones in delicate silhouettes to achieve a classic, elevated look. Teensie, stackable pinkie rings and dainty wrist chains are some of the house’s most sought-after pieces.


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Conscious minimalists, rejoice! Vrai, based in Los Angeles, uses only solid gold and ethically created lab-grown diamonds in its collections. All Vrai pieces have a sense of design and impeccable quality. Best known for its classic engagement rings in a variety of shapes and cuts, the brand prioritizes durability as a whole. With a slew of haute couture collaborations, including Givenchy and Balmain, Vrai pieces are a lifetime investment that can be passed down from generation to generation.

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Catapulted to internet stardom for its Zodiac coin necklaces, Rellery has several funky collections for the cool girl — but its offering goes beyond astrology. The Cuban collection, for example, sports the iconic chain link silhouette, while the checkerboard collection will satisfy all your retro style cravings. Next day shipping from Rellery is also an absolute blessing if you’re as impatient as I am.

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Cuban Link Chain with Sunburst

For jewelry from across the Atlantic, this London-based brand is the benchmark in the world of high-quality accessories. Timeless chains, charms, hugs and hoops are some of Missoma’s most sought-after pieces. The brand philosophy is a refined and modern take on your mother’s classic jewelry. Missoma pieces typically come in three different options: solid 14k gold, gold-plated or studded vermeil.

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Lucy Williams Malachite Square Necklace

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Round signet ring to engrave

Founded by Connie Nam in 2012, Astrid & Miyu is inspired by Nam’s travels and her mother’s jewelry. A market staple, the brand offers great pieces under $200.

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Available at retailers like SSENSE and Shopbop, Justine Clenquet’s pieces are handmade in France and can be worn in different ways!

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Justine Clenquet Denise Necklace Gold & Silver

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Ray earrings Justine Clenquet

Notte isn’t like other jewelry brands – it’s for indie, alt-girls at heart. While freshwater pearl-style necklaces are reminiscent of those available on Mejuri, the New York-based label lives and breathes for funky pops of color and charming pearl styles. The marriage between the timeless gold chains and the shimmering heart-shaped charms creates a unique aesthetic often associated with young and trendy circles. If you’re looking to feel incredibly Gen-Z, this one’s for you.

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Dream A Little Dream Pearl Necklace

Embracing timeless classics, Amyo Jewelry has seen a massive influx of traction thanks to TikTok style tips. Founded with the design principles of “minimalist, timeless pieces meant to last at an affordable price,” the brand has been on everyone’s radar this year. A quick glance at her online storefront tells you everything you need to know: from classic pearl earrings to celestial-inspired diamond stud earrings, Amyo’s pieces belong in your rotation of jewelry.

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Constellation Signet Ring

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While most fine jewelry brands lean more towards the traditional route, Stone and Strand offers a unique and funky mix to incorporate into your wardrobe. Built on fun, forward-thinking principles, the direct-to-consumer brand operates as an online marketplace with both brand collections and independent labels available to browse. Gold-plated styles and conflict-free stones offer both thoughtful consumption and alternative pricing to the consumer who may be intimidated by high-end jewelry. Our favorite piece? Pastel pink and purple butterfly nails, of course.

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Free-form bracelet in golden beads

One of the crown jewels of the Black in Fashion Council during New York Fashion Week, OMA the Label does all the right things in the world of fine jewelry. Body chains, chunky hoops, and ’80s-inspired chain necklaces are eclectic styles for the modern woman. The label focuses on gold-plated styles, offering more accessible prices to consumers.

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Looking to cosplay your favorite celebrity? Adinas Jewels has you covered. The brand is a favorite with stars like Cara Delevigne and Cardi B. The direct-to-consumer brand has pieces for everyone, from timeless wands to bubblegum pink enamel necklaces. Adinas Jewels’ modern classics section is where the brand really shines, with affordable 14k gold options for everyday wear.

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Based in both Washington DC and New York, AM Thorne focuses on collectibles and heirlooms. Its selection of high-quality jewelry includes unconventional stones — like opal and salt-and-pepper diamonds — not often seen in the fine jewelry sphere. Although it’s on the more expensive end of the spectrum, it’s a label for consumers looking for something truly unique but who appreciate simplicity and timelessness.

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Black Diamond Solitaire Ring

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If you’re a minimalist at heart, Priscilla Ma’s selection of fine and delicate jewelry will suit you perfectly. The tag is by far the most delicate on this list and it has become widely known for its thin etched gold bands, which come in a variety of designs. With the majority of pieces offered in gold-plated and gold-filled materials, Priscilla Ma is a more affordable and accessible step for beginners in the fine jewelry market.

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That LA label is one of the only reasons you should embrace ring stacking. Founding designer Ali Heiss was inspired by her own mother’s modern approach to jewelry when creating the line. Layering is the name of the game for Amarillo, with a huge offering of delicate chains and rings to wear alone or in multiples. If earrings are more your thing, the brand’s Nora Pearl Hoops should be an instant addition to your basket.

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Founded by Lynette Ong, Edge of Ember crafts fine jewelry that puts the earth first. Pieces are made from recycled metals, ethically sourced gemstones and lab-grown diamonds. Moreover, the tag also helps you recycle your old jewelry.

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Intuition Huggie Earrings – Gold

Senia designs can be configured in several ways. His signature styles can be used in 50 (yes, 50!) different ways. Additionally, the brand has just launched a sub-$100 collection, which has the same durability and flexible approach as its core pieces.

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