23 Affordable Jewelry Brands to Shop for Deliciously Delicate Pieces

Fashion trends come and go, but when it comes to jewelry, investing in higher quality pieces ensures you’ll have your essentials forever. The words fine jewelry can conjure up images of super-expensive earrings or off-budget diamond tennis bracelets, but it doesn’t have to be. Everyday accessories shouldn’t break the bank, and the list of 23 affordable fine jewelry brands below is ideal for finding forever new pieces. (You’ll also find that many of these brands offer semi-thin jewelry, which is even more economical.)

Sunday Energy is one of those affordable brands that offers minimalist bracelets, necklaces and rings that work as everyday pieces or as a gift for the pickiest of friends and family. If you want to tap into your sea goddess or mermaid vibes, all of Luiny’s fine jewelry collections are inspired by the ocean. There are delicate pearl earrings and smooth-edged neutral-colored balls that represent ocean and sea waves. Meanwhile, PDPAOLA incorporates colorful gemstones into its delicate jewelry. Personalization is a hallmark of this brand since you can opt for an initial necklace or a necklace with your astrological sign. Meanwhile, Asian brand TAI offers intricately designed gold necklaces that you can wear alone or layered with other pieces for a more on-trend style.

Keep scrolling through the best fine jewelry brands with affordable options (and second-hand splurges) below.

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The last line

Aiming to make luxury jewelry less intimidating and more accessible, The Last Line has the perfect delicate base and statement designs for layering. He also embodied a fun Y2K energy, making him the perfect fit for this season’s Hot Aughts trend.


M jewelers

The ultimate blend of timeless and current details, The M Jewelers give popular on-trend pieces a unique and subtle twist. For example: Pearlcore has taken over the internet, but The M Jewelers makes the classic style quirky with the initial in Old English.



With designs for both men and women, Mateo puts a unique spin on everything with a burst of color and intricately placed crystals. The label also offers a wide range of prices – starting from around a few hundred – which makes it accessible, while maintaining the energy of luxury.


mocking cat

Catbird is a reliable and affordable brand that has recently caught the attention of Gen Z and Millennials. Offering low-cost options for weddings and everyday jewelry – all of which are beautifully individualistic – it’s a must-have for trendy girls downtown.


stone and strand

For a whimsical take on your hoop earrings, opt for these solid 10k yellow gold butterfly studs. Stone and Strand, a women-owned brand based in New York City, prides itself on its frequent support of charities, such as CARE’s Ukraine Crisis Fund.



Although Aurate offers many luxury models, there are still some nice pieces you can find for less than $150. Take this gold vermeil barrette necklace for example: mini overlapping gold plates give this minimalist piece a cute and subtle design.


SHW Jewelry

Because these earrings are such a minimalist style, you never have to worry about whether they match your outfit or not – they 100% will. That’s because SHW puts a modern spin on classic silhouettes, embracing geometric shapes and funky colorways that make everything look cooler.


Monique Vinader

If you don’t know how to mix silver and gold jewelry, don’t worry. This bracelet, made from recycled gold and silver, will help you pull off the look with ease. Monica Vinader aims to embrace the sleek, sophisticated city girl within her. In an effort to celebrate individualistic women, Monica Vinader makes classic designs fresh.



Gorjana’s fine jewelry collection has all the delicate, whimsical diamonds and solid gold pieces you’ll ever want. These delicate hugs are perfect for everyday use.



PDPAOLA is known for its fine jewelry that appeals to those who follow a minimalist aesthetic. The brand also offers letter necklaces and astrology jewelry, so you can choose a trinket that best reflects your personality.



Hailing from Bangkok, Thailand, and now based in Los Angeles, TAI is a go-to name for fans of brands like Mejuri and Catbird. Along with dainty and delicate jewelry, the line is full of wellness designs such as astrology, evil eyes, and good luck symbols.


XIO By Ylette

This herringbone necklace has a triangular accent design that will add some pizzazz to your stack of layered necklaces. XIO also offers custom jewelry to suit your tastes, so don’t be afraid to try your hand at creating the sparkly accessory of your dreams.



Originally from Puerto Rico and now based in New York, Luiny Rivera uses vibrantly colored shells, beads and stones to create artistic ocean-inspired accessories. All her jewels have smooth or rounded edges that refer to the waves of the sea.



If you love thin chains and tiny pearls, Soko’s jewelry is full of the artful patterns and geometric shapes you’re looking for. Chain bracelets are also reworked with striking links in different sizes, so switch up your arm candy with something more unexpected.


Margaret London

Daisy London’s jewelry theme revolves around spirituality and femininity. The collection consists of elevated essentials that look so luxurious you can wear them to work and a black tie party. Plus, the handcrafted jewelry brand is popular among celebrities (Gigi Hadid as a fan).


Paula Mendoza

Do you like good circular shaped earrings, rings or bracelets? Then Paula Mendoza is for you. In addition, all the materials included in its collections are of local origin in Colombia.


Pamela Love

Pamela Love will provide the witchcraft jewelry your zodiac sign demands. Embrace the earthy vibes of collection by adding your favorite gemstone to your collection or even your birthstone. The label also offers in-home piercing appointments in New York and Los Angeles, so take the plunge and get that piercing you’ve pinned on Pinterest for years.


Martine Ali

Martine Ali will address those who only wear silver jewelry. The line modernizes vintage pieces with chain-based jewelry and accessories that pay homage to ’90s grunge and hip-hop culture.


Astrid and Miyu

This London-based favorite quickly garnered a cult following with its eye-catching stud earrings. But its other offerings, such as necklaces and rings, are just as appealing. Stock up on sweet little pendants or cuddle up for an exciting new “earscape”.



Arlo works with ethical jewelers to create artfully understated quality essentials. Delicate offerings are simply uplifting, so expect you’ll never want to take those precious trinkets away.


Wilhelmina Garcia

Wilhelmina Garcia aims to tell a story through her quaint jewelry. Dress up your everyday looks with its chunky chains adorned with cheerful designs like a four-leaf clover and an adorable yin and yang sign adorned with a heart.



With over three generations involved in Oradina’s heritage, the brand carries a timeless emotion into all of its pieces, embracing new trends while staying true to standard designs. (Plus, they make a killer pair of hoops.)


Small bedrooms

IMO, the best kind of understated style has sneaky playful accents. Little Rooms does just that with its kitschy offerings like rings with witty sayings such as “weird” and “superstitious.”

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