37 Black-Owned Jewelry Brands for 2022 You Need to Know About


Want some sparkly new things to spice up your outfits in 2022? So why not consider shopping at one of these awesome black-owned jewelry brands! Below, you’re sure to find something incredibly unique and totally worthy of a compliment, whether it’s crafted with materials like gold, clay, resin, shells, or gems and stones. precious. (Yeah, there’s a little something for everyone this way.)

Keep scrolling to find gorgeous earrings, necklaces, bracelets, body chains, and headpieces to add to your collections from these 37 black-owned jewelry brands. Do you dare to do it without adding something to the cart. And if you fancy a few more excuses to shop online, we’ve got plenty of black-owned clothing and accessories brands, black-owned face mask brands, and black-owned beauty brands to explore. .

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ten savages

If you’re looking for a way to improve the fit of your white t-shirt and jeans, Ten Wilde has plenty of amazing options.

website: tenwilde.com



Full of effortless, modern glamor that your everyday ensembles deserve, Jooel is a must-visit store.

website: jooel.co


Melanie Marie

Personalized jewelry fans, rejoice. Melanie Marie has you covered, from personalized rings to anklets.

website: jewelry.melaniemarie.com



Talk about fine jewelry. These stunning creations are made with 22 carat gold and diamonds. What more could you ask for?

Website: auvere.com


Octave Jewelry

Mother of pearl! Octave Jewelry’s aquatic-inspired designs are sure to make your earlobes pop.

Website: octavejewelry.com


Adorn Parry

Adore Adorn’s trendy rings set with colored gemstones are among her bestsellers. Put one on each finger why not you?!

Website: adoreadorn.com


Third Crown

Founded by Kristin and Kofi Essel, Third Crown’s contemporary pieces have an edgy aesthetic and often feature chain links and geometric shapes.

Website: thirdcrown.com



This brand’s lobster jewelry is one of its signature pieces, mixing a utilitarian look with shiny silver and gold metals.

Website: nikaojewels.com


Serendipitous Project Jewelry

How gorgeous are these asymmetrical earrings? You’ll find tons of unique designs at Serendipitous Project because everything is handmade and uses vintage and recycled materials.

Website: serendipitous-project.com


Oma the label

I don’t know what looks more delicious in this photo: the fruit or the gorgeous gold rings and earrings. From chunky chains to tubular designs, you’re sure to find something you like.

Website: omathelabel.com


Therese Kyalo

Do yourself a favor and hit up Theresia Kyalo’s Instagram page to see all the creative metal face pieces and linear jewelry on display. The brand does not have a dedicated website, but you can purchase some items from dittoafrica.com.



No, you haven’t seen fashion jewelry until you check out JeBlanc’s website. The body chains are incredibly lovely, and the earrings will give jeans and a white t-shirt a couture look.

Website: jeblanc.com


Hola Luna

Wood and leather have never looked so good. Hit Hola Luna for long-lasting options that look super luxurious and are sure to get tons of compliments.

Website: shopholaluna.com


Humans before handles

This jewelry brand has some of the cutest accessories for summer (looking at the shoulder-dusting ones, wow), and most impressive is the fact that everything is under $50.

Website: humansbeforehandles.com


We dream in color

Just looking at the designs on the We Dream in Color website makes me want to take a vacation. I mean, can you handle these bright and fun earrings?

Website: wedreamincolour.com


Harwell Godfrey

This bold, shimmering piece comes from designer Lauren Harwell Godfrey, who draws inspiration from heritage textiles and patterns. Jewelry often features stones and gems in the bright colors of the rainbow.

Website: harwellgodfrey.com


Lafalaise Dion

A moment to take in this cowrie masterpiece, please. You might recognize Lafalaise Dion’s work from some key Beyoncé moments black is kingbut there are even more beautiful pieces to see where it came from in the shop below.

Website: lafalaise-dion.afrikrea.com


Byaree Beads

Beads Byaree is essentially wearable art. Seriously, follow Insta for amazing pieces, like a necklace made of tiny gold chairs and other earrings as bold and beautiful as these.

Website: pearlsbyaree.com



Matthew Harris of Mateo New York is a self-taught jewelry designer originally from Montego Bay, Jamaica, and living in New York. Buy beautifully minimalist fine 14k gold jewelry here.

Website: mateonenewyork.com


Guillaume Okpo

This brand, founded by a pair of sisters, has some of the coolest headwear (including this headband), hats, and jewelry I’ve ever seen.

Website: williamokpo.com


Jam + Rico

Lisette Scott, owner of Jam + Rico, is influenced by the cultures of her parents, originally from Jamaica and Puerto Rico, in all of her designs. Jam and Rico is even the abbreviation of Jamaica + Puerto Rico.

Website: jamandrico.com


Lace by Tanaya

Those rings though!!! Also, do yourself a favor and check out all the great pictures of the intricate body chains that Lace By Tanaya also makes.

Website: lacebytanaya.com


Adinkra Jewelry

Yes to these geometric earrings!! And the rings and bracelets are equally impressive and breathtaking.

Website: adinkras-jewels.afrikrea.com


By Chari

You might recognize this “Vote” necklace from the casual days Michelle Obama wore it to the Democratic National Convention? More delicate but sparkly pieces at the link below.

Website: bychari.com


Diaboli Kill

Edgy and badass meet fine jewelry with Diaboli Kill. Take a look at this ring to understand my drift.

Website: diabolikill.com


taylor nicole

I’m here for these extremely large earrings. If you’re like me and want more, you absolutely have to get to know Taylor Nikole and shop the gorgeous range of bold polymer clay pieces below.

Website: taylornikole.co


Omi wood

For intricately designed necklaces with cool pendants, delicate rings and bracelets, click. This. Link!

Website: omiwoods.com


Br Design Co

Each of this brand’s colorful clay pieces are pretty much tiny sculptures that you can wear to your ears.

Website: shopbrdesignco.com


ABA Jewelry

Crystals + metal has got to be one of my favorite combinations, and if you want to see it done well over and over again, in necklaces, necklaces, bracelets, headbands and even phone cases, ABA Jewels has got you covered. you need.

Website: etsy.com/shop/abajewels


Rome and tale

Rome and Tale should be your go-to for extremely well-made hoops big and small.

Website: romeandtale.com


The Enchanter

Another jewelry brand you might recognize black is king. I’m pretty sure I’ll never get over all those fancy rings for one thing.

Website: lenchanteur.co



Edas has super cool metal pieces with a design aesthetic that will make your accessories stand out. The brand also makes bags and hats, FYI.

Website: edas.store


Vai Vintage

Find great jewelry options in minimalist and statement styles at truly affordable prices at Vai Vintage.

Website: vintage.com



The luxury jewelry brand launched by Jameel Mohammed is known for its sleek, asymmetrical earrings, rings and bracelets made to stand out.

Website: khiry.com


Mahnal Jewelry

Handcrafted quality pieces in lovely linear, circular and spiral patterns, usually named in Arabic to shed light on “the gentle, insightful and poetic beauty of Islam”, according to the brand’s website.

Website: mahnal.com

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