4 Lasting Jewelry Brands On Every Cool Girl’s Wishlist

“Jewellery has always been a girl’s best friend”. It’s something no one can deny owning, but sometimes those shiny jewels can be more harmful than beautiful, and here’s why.

Many types of jewelry can contain many toxic substances, such as metals like lead, cadmium, as well as PVC. This is made worse by the fact that children often put it in their mouths.

From the erosion of the earth, the leakage of toxic substances into the water supply, to the destruction of the ecosystem. Additionally, the industrial mining of jewelry generates a huge amount of carbon footprints.

In the manufacturing process, the extraction of metals and precious stones can lead not only to environmental degradation, but also to the violation of human rights. Due to all the resources and packaging required to make a piece of jewelry, these items will soon end up in landfills.

What to look for when choosing eco-friendly jewelry?

Birdsong Large Silver Hoop Earrings
  • Made from responsible materials

This implies that the stones and metals used to create the rings, bracelets and necklaces are free from disputes or questions about their origin.

Ensure that all workers receive a fair wage for their hard work and are not exploited. In addition, jewelers who are committed to fair trade “say no to child labor”.

Eco-friendly jewelry is much more economical than all that fine jewelry. Since, Eco-friendly jewelry is usually made from recycled, natural or lab-grown materials, this helps reduce production costs.

Here are four of our favorite eco-friendly jewelry brands!

1. Birdsong

Gold and pink tassel earrings

Bird’s song is a brand of ethical jewelry, handcrafted by Pooja, Praniti, Asha, Vimla and Rekha in a living wage production cooperative in Jaipur, India. Her jewelry was made from sterling silver or gold plating on this basis.

Plus, Birdsong supports the local economy and uses responsibly sourced materials with 100% recycled packaging to make it timeless and sophisticated for any occasion!

2. Craftsman and fox

Kirae Globe Earrings

Craftsman & Fox is a social enterprise jewelry brand that aims to create more opportunities in developing regions. He collaborates with many independent artisans, small groups of artisans, non-profit organizations and local businesses.

They have also partnered with UNHCR (the UN Refugee Agency) to reach out to artisans around the world.

If you’re looking for a brand that shines a light on stories of craftsmanship with centuries of history, Artisan & Fox is the brand for you!

3. Kipépéo Trends

Bita Choker

For the following brand, we have Kipépéo trends.

Not only is this brand durable, but it’s also a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry that effortlessly reflects your style.

Through their business practices, the brand is able to create jobs for local artisans, as well as save the planet by using recycled materials, such as veils and belts.

Each piece of jewelry is made in small batches to minimize waste.

4.TUOHI Jewelry

Muoto Round Pendant Necklace

The elegance of simplicity and classic Scandinavian design is the key to TUOHI Jewelry.

The collection has been carefully designed and sustainably crafted, and it features both casual designs and stylish accents. Ideal for regular use and special events.

The coin is made from 100% recycled silver as it does not require mining with CO2 neutral worldwide shipping to reduce the footprint.

With its ethical choices to support fair trade and transparency in every process, TUOHI Jewelry wants to ensure that its modern Scandinavian designs will last forever, sustainably.

Editor’s note: The opinions expressed here by Impakter.com columnists are their own and not those of Impakter.com.In the featured photo: TUOHI jewelry banner. Featured photo credit: tuohijewelry.com