Black-owned jewelry brands to know: ByChari, Gypsy BK, etc.

It’s no secret that COVID-19 has had a crushing effect on businesses, but the truth is that Black-owned businesses are at a higher risk of not being able to weather this storm. If there’s anything this year has taught me, it’s to stand up and show my support where I can. While some have taken the approach of attending protests or donating to the Black Lives Matter organization, buying from black-owned businesses is a way to show solidarity that can push long-lasting change. term against systemic racism.

However, being in quarantine brought out the worst in my impulse buying habit; last month, I encountered an array of black-owned brands that officially made me a customer for life. One thing I’m always looking for is jewelry. Whether you’re looking for standout pieces, vintage finds, or everyday accessories, I’ve done the honors of bringing together these amazing black-owned jewelry lines. If your love for fine jewelry knows no bounds and you’re looking for more ways to show your support for the black community, stop by and get ready to add these pieces to your cart.

Lola Ade

Bold and vibrant jewelry rooted in West African influence.

BR Design Co.

Modern and colorful earrings made from polymer clay in Charleston, South Carolina.


A wide collection that ranges from simple and subtle everyday jewelry to luxury signature pieces.

Jam + Rico

Playing on the owner’s Jamaican and Puerto Rican origins, these products are infused with a playful Caribbean touch.

Oma the label

A collection designed to make women feel and look empowered and confident.


Sustainable and minimalist jewelry made in Astoria, New York, and sourced from recycled materials.

Stella & Haas

Classic statement jewelry with a wide collection of unisex pieces.

wild nirvana

Modern pieces with a bohemian flavor filled with perfect options for stacking and layering.

Omi wood

Jewelery ethically handcrafted with fair trade African gold and globally sourced precious metals. These jewels are made with the intention of being worn every day and honoring all of our ties to Africa.


Unique earrings made in the Netherlands, inspired by the owner’s Caribbean roots.

Gypsy BK

A collection that combines modernity and individualism in each piece.


Timeless jewelry imbued with a mixed heritage influence.

Nandi Naya

A minimalist collection for the modern woman.