Brides will swoon for sparkly rings from a jewelry line founded by women

Spring – and love – is in the air. If finding the perfect engagement ring is on your horizon (or perhaps enhancing the one you already have), consider Love laboratory diamonds.

In addition to their ethical and environmental benefits, LovBe has a few dazzling attributes of their own:

  • Twice the carat weight of a diamond mined for the same price. Talk more for your money!
  • Superior color and shine. Not all diamonds are created equal, whether lab grown or mined. Only two out of ten lab-grown diamonds reviewed by LovBe’s experts are accepted into their collection. 98% of LovBe diamonds are rated Ideal or Excellent Cut – their diamonds are literally the best of the best, for the best value.
  • A brand founded by women. In one very A male-dominated industry, LovBe is unique in that it was started by a woman – who actually had no experience in the jewelry industry!

Lab-grown diamonds have chemical, physical and optical properties identical to those of a diamond mined from the earth. In testimony to this, the Federal Trade Commission removed the word “natural” from the basic definition of a diamond in 2018.

And launching this month is LovBe’s first exclusive collection: Everlasting lovea capsule collection of nine models of engagement rings adorned with side stones in a fancy shape.

From sleek, tapered baguettes to sophisticated pears to timeless round brilliants, LovBe Eternal allows couples to create their perfect engagement ring. Simply choose a center stone of your choice that matches both your design desires and your budget, then marvel at the ring that exemplifies your unique past, present, and future.

This new collection also marks the introduction of the LovBe Hallmark, a single lab-grown round brilliant diamond securely placed where only the wearer will know of its presence. The diamond is near the vena amoris, which the ancient Romans believed went directly to the heart.

The diamond will be accompanied by LovBe’s “L heart” engraved stamp, guaranteeing the authenticity of each LovBe Exclusive Collection ring.

From custom designs to unparalleled customer service, your LovBe experience will be as rare and refined as the diamond you have chosen. Let LovBe guide you to the perfect engagement ring – get started explore your options today.