Building a Trustworthy Brand with Courage and Commitment

COSTA MESA, CA /ACCESSWIRE/September 28, 2021/ It takes risk, faith and a team to achieve the success that JAXXON has achieved.

In 2017, Founder and CEO, Josh Deemer, and his wife, Julia Deemer, noticed a gap in the market after Julia couldn’t find a reliable, quality site to offer Josh men’s jewelry.

Josh, a serial entrepreneur who built brands throughout high school and college, reached out to classmate Josh Pierce who had just left Red Bull as marketing manager in New York.

Both Josh’s clearly saw the opportunity to create a trustworthy brand in a vague and difficult to navigate jewelry industry.

From the idea to the quick meeting over coffee, the two agreed on the vision. The next day, they bought a handful of chains, took pictures, and opened a Shopify website. The rest was history.

This overnight decision and its swift execution in 2017 helped Deemer and Pierce scale their business to new heights. Today, JAXXON is the leading men’s jewelry company in the United States.

The secret to their continued success? Their commitment to quality. JAXXON chains are made in Italy with the highest quality materials, including solid gold and sterling silver. JAXXON is committed to providing a new and improved definition of luxury jewelry with high quality, durable and accessible products.

Looking for solid 14k gold? JAXXON got it. Need 925 silver? There’s no better place to buy it than at JAXXON.

The company prides itself on offering the highest quality materials at an affordable price. All of their products allow you to live in style without worrying about your jewelry rusting, breaking or cracking.

Ultimately, JAXXON doesn’t just sell a product, it attracts a wide variety of customers who view JAXXON as the ultimate destination for quality parts with lasting color, shine and durability.

With over 15,000 5-star reviews, JAXXON has become the most trusted platform for men’s jewelry.

Unleash your style with JAXXON

There’s never a bad time to buy, gift or wear high fashion accessories. JAXXON offers high quality jewelry made in Italy to meet your style needs.

Shop for the highest quality men’s jewelry at


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