Cuyana’s chic new jewelry line includes modular hoops

Direct-to-consumer fashion brand Cuyana has just rolled out its first jewelry collection. True to the brand’s philosophy of creating less is better, the introductory line consists of modular earrings that allow you to create different looks with a few key pieces. They are all gold plated, cost between $75 and $200 and are available directly from Cuyana’s website.

Karla Gallardo, who co-founded Cuyana in 2011, says the design team was inspired by the customizable earrings many of us had when we were growing up: teenage brands like Claire’s have long sold hoop earrings with pendants that can be traded. “Our team remembered how much fun we had playing with modular earrings as teenagers,” says Gallardo. “But it occurred to us that the modular design could also allow us to do more with less, so we wouldn’t have to own so many parts.”

The premium line consists of fundamental pieces – two hoop styles (one classica asymmetric), a Studand one drop bar-in the same way embellishment rooms which can be rearranged endlessly. Gold hoops, for example, are an everyday piece that can be worn to work, but adding a pearl pendant Where golden orb, you can dress them up for a party or dinner. Gallardo says one of his favorite pieces in the collection is the Luna ear jacketmade up of three separate pieces (a nail, a half moon and a circle) that can be worn together to create a fan-shaped design, or in a range of different combinations that look distinct.

Cuyana’s approach is designed to be a counterpoint to overconsumption in the fashion industry. The founders believe that owning fewer versatile and durable pieces is a more sustainable way of life. They are also aware of the materials that go into their products. These earrings are made from recycled brass, which is then coated in 14k gold.

Cuyana’s line especially makes sense now, when many of us are doing more meetings than ever over video conferencing and are conscious of how our faces look on camera: “We like the idea that you can style these pieces differently every day, without having to buy a lot of jewelry,” says Gallardo.

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