Ethical jewelry brands to buy for your Valentine’s Day or anytime

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Whether you’re shopping for Valentine’s Day or any other occasion, jewelry is always a well-received gift. There’s no shortage of brands, but you want to buy from a company that sells ethically made trinkets.

If you want jewelry in the sub-$200 range, the best way to buy ethically is to look for handmade pieces in small batches, rather than mass-produced items, said co-founder Mary Savoca. of Ash & Rose, a Boston-based company. ethical and sustainable store, with a strong online presence.

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“When you choose to buy handmade jewelry, you’re supporting artisanal production and the individual livelihoods of makers, while moving your money from big fast fashion brands to small businesses and their employees,” said Savoca.

She said fair trade and handcrafted in the USA are the best terms to help you find ethical jewelry.

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“Fair Trade is a term used for imported products and means workers earn a living wage with safe working conditions – unfortunately not the norm in the jewelry industry,” Savoca said. “Handmade in the USA means you buy jewelry from an individual maker or a small group of artisans who create your jewelry in small batches, or even one at a time.”

Savoca has made it easy to find ethical jewelry on the Ash & Rose site. There’s a “buy by impact” filter that allows you to specifically search for items in a variety of categories, including fair trade, made in the USA, and sustainably produced.

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If you’re looking for diamonds, an ethical alternative is lab-grown diamonds, said Kimberly Abruzzo, a graduate gemologist at the Gemological Institute of America. “[They] share the same appearance and chemical makeup as their earth-mined counterparts, and give you more carat weight for your money.

Abruzzo, a gemologist at online diamond marketplace Rare Carat, said lab-grown diamonds are grown under conditions that mimic natural formation. She said they should not be confused with diamond simulants, intended to deceive customers.

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“All jewelers who sell on are thoroughly vetted and have conflict-free policies to ensure they do not support disputes or endanger workers,” Abruzzo said.

Another option, Brilliant Earth, an online bridal and fine jewelry store, offers Beyond Conflict Free DiamondsMT. As well as adhering to the Kimberley Process – an international certification system that aims to prevent the trade in conflict diamonds – the company goes the extra mile in its sourcing by carefully selecting diamonds that are ethically sourced and respectful of the environment. ‘environment.

Another choice for serious sparkle, online jeweler 12Fifteen offers lab-created diamonds that pack all the glitz, but without the ethical issues. Create a custom piece or purchase a variety of pre-designed rings, earrings, and pendants.

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If you’re looking for stunning jewelry that benefits a good cause, the ethical fashion line Shop Hope Global has a variety of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and options for girls. All products are handmade in Haiti and workers are paid fair wages, said Angela Massey, administrative assistant at Give Hope Global.

“Our profits go to our non-profit organization, Give Hope Global, which supports education and health initiatives among some of Haiti’s most vulnerable children,” Massey said.

Also a great cause, Penh Lenh offers jewelry handcrafted by artisans in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Choose from a variety of beautiful earrings, bracelets and necklaces and enjoy knowing that 100% of net sales are reinvested in the company’s social mission efforts to provide fair and dignified employment, job training and educational opportunities.

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Finally, LA-based jewelry designer Laura Elizabeth creates beautiful, sustainable and ethical pieces that your Valentine will be proud to wear. Items are toxin free and durable enough to withstand sweating, swimming and showering without fading, breaking or fading.

Obviously, there is no shortage of ethical jewelry brands, so this is a great way to make special pieces even more meaningful.

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