Glastonbury sisters to showcase jewelry line at pre-Oscars party

GLASTONBURY, CT — A pair of Glastonbury sisters launched their jewelry line in hopes it would inspire people to “B Strong” and “B Fearless” — and soon they’ll be spreading those messages to celebrities at the Oscars.

Christina Baribault-Ortiz and Raeann Baribault Schwartz are the co-founders of “The Power To B”, a line of jewelry that their website says is “to be fearless enough to tell the world about your dreams and to be strong enough to turn them into reality”.

They started the line when each sister was struggling with infertility, and now they’ve been invited to present it at GBK Brand Bar – a celebrity gift show held in the days leading up to the Academy Awards, Hearst Connecticut Media reported.

The sisters will show off their jewelry at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel – where many celebrities are staying over Oscars weekend – on March 25 and 26. GBK Brand Bar officials told Hearst that the sisters’ jewelry “goes with what we want to show off and are looking for.”

Baribault-Ortiz and Baribault Schwartz told the Hartford Courant that they will be the “exclusive jeweler” for the event, and they said they plan to give away 100 bracelets.

“We’re in planning mode,” Raeann told Le Courant. “We’ve set up a fake boutique in our office. We order living room furniture and ship it to LA. We organize our kids and our husbands while we’re away.”

The sisters says WTNH that they are excited to spread their message to a wider audience.

“Celebrity, not fame, anyone, it can work magic for them,” Raeann told the broadcaster.