Jameel Mohammed de Khiry expands his jewelry line with unique handmade garments

After the show, he said he was inspired by getting away from it all, but not the way other designers talk about tropical vacations or spending time in nature. Mohammed and his team thought of escaping America’s brutalities in 2021: the feathers hinted at flying somewhere else far away where black people are actually treated fairly. “That said, it’s one thing to believe there’s a better place, but you also have to commit to where you are,” Mohammed added. He and his small team did it by hand, learning new skills like macrame and champlevé to create these pieces from scratch. At the start of the pandemic, Mohammed found himself scrolling through countless YouTube videos of makers and artisans. “They inspired me so much, because they weren’t waiting for someone to invite them or ask them to do these things,” he says. “They were doing it at home, discovering it, learning new things. It’s so endemic to black history and culture. Our circumstances weren’t ideal, but we did a masterful job of it.

During the show, Mohammed’s models also tried on his new jewelry, which will be available at top retailers including Net-a-Porter, Saks Fifth Avenue and Bergdorf Goodman. Her clothes were never intended for production, but the show marked a new opportunity for Khiry in the world of made-to-order and experimental celebrity wear. “Looking back on my experience and my jewelry, the path has never been easy,” Mohammed said. “It was always a process of experimentation and growth, and I wanted to start with other objects.”