Jewelry brands style their own Trend newsletter

Each has a link to a story on a website called “La Catena” or “The Chain”, which was originally created for employees but now acts as a kind of online magazine and archive. It features interviews and columns such as Wasting Time, which asks people to describe their downtime (actress January Jones opened the series) and Lucky for Life, which profiles a special relationship like, recently, the link between Dr. Barbara Sturm, the beautiful founder of the brand, and her daughter, Charly.

Ms Bucci said the site allows her to cover topics of personal importance, such as Re-engage, a UK charity that supports older people (the company donates 2.5% of its revenue from its store of London to the cause). “La Catena was a place to contain all the ideas I have, especially after Covid,” she said. “Rather than just, ‘Here’s a new product press release’; magazines pick it up or not – it was something a little more organic and natural,” she said. “Maybe it’s more subtle, sometimes too subtle, but I think the right people are reading it.”

She also said that while the brand can track reader interactions with the newsletter, it’s actually less commercial than she had anticipated. For example, a newsletter article featuring her heart-patterned Cuore ring prompted subscribers to buy other things, and featuring her best-selling woven gold Lucky bracelet led to purchases of Cuore rings. “We can’t understand why,” Ms Bucci said. “It’s driving everyone crazy.”

Even jewelry influencer Katerina Perez has added a newsletter: the email, which she sends out every two weeks, features an overview of stories she’s recently posted on her blog and details of events from the industry like celebrity red carpet appearances. Each communication platform has its own specific audience, she said, with newsletter subscribers “more intellectual than, say, Instagram users”, Ms Perez said. “They usually want deeper knowledge.”

She said she now has 8,000 subscribers and that on average, 25-30% actually opened the newsletter email, a figure Ms. Perez said she was glad to have.

“It’s important that I don’t bombard people with too many newsletters, and twice a month is a good pace,” she said. “From the start, it was important to me to build a community of people who really wanted to be part of that community, rather than just having the numbers.”