JuJu Smith-Schuster launches a jewelry line

Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster is known for his flair on and off the court, but he’s now channeling that style into a new business venture.

Smith-Schuster launches its own line of high-end jewelry and grillz, a collaboration with renowned jeweler Greg “Grillz” Zaks. The partnership was announced in an interview with Flaunt Magazine on Monday.

The idea to enter the space was born out of Smith-Schuster’s appreciation for high-end fashion and accessories.

“Growing up, sport was always a fun thing for me. It always kept me busy and helped me stay out of trouble,” he said. “The fashion aspect came with it. “Once I was making my own money, I was able to buy things I liked and I started wearing and enjoying high-end items. It came hand in hand.

For Smith-Schuster, the collaboration is another opportunity to grow its brand, which is already one of the strongest in the NFL.

“I think of myself as a business person and I really started to feel like a brand,” he said. “I started putting more energy into modeling myself after other companies that I admired. I’m always looking to improve and aim for the best.

Zaks has worked for Smith-Schuster in the past, designing several pieces for him since the pair met while the latter was playing his college ball at USC.

“We met at USC and just clicked. Since then we have always stayed in touch. I have always respected the way Greg was and how passionate he was about his business,” Smith-Schuster said “When I saw that and saw the hunger and the fire that he had in his heart to be awesome, that was really cool. It inspired me to do the same. I kept this close partnership and we became more than friends, we became a company.

Zaks evn even designed a custom piece for the star’s dog, Boujee.

“I met JuJu when he was playing for USC. I did his first set of grillz and the pendant came shortly after,” Zaks said. “We stayed in touch over the next few years and one day JuJu was curious to know more about my brand. We had dinner the next time he flew into town and after that we both knew we had to partner up.

One of the most exciting aspects of their collaboration is the introduction of home mold kits for customers who wish to purchase a custom grill.

Becoming increasingly popular during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the kit allows customers to produce molds of their measurements when in-person consultations are not possible.

“During Covid, that helped tremendously because a lot of people were afraid to meet in person,” Zaks said. “As a jeweler, I always prefer to meet my clients in person because it’s such a personal experience. Being able to have mold kits delivered to customers took much of the worry out of people’s minds while allowing them to create exactly what they wanted. »

Smith-Schuster is expected to hit free agency in a few weeks after leading the Steelers with 97 receptions in 2020. He also had 831 receiving yards and nine touchdowns.

Selected in the second round of the 2017 NFL Draft out of USC, Smith-Schuster has 293 receptions, 3,565 yards and 24 touchdowns as a Steeler. He was selected for his first and only Pro Bowl in 2018.