Kendra Scott will launch a men’s jewelry line called Scott Bros. –WWD

Kendra Scott is launching a line of jewelry for men. On June 7, the Austin, Texas-based company will launch Scott Bros. by Kendra Scott, with an inaugural collection featuring a range of bracelets priced from $68 to $198.

The line was led by Scott herself, with input from her three sons. “We’ve never really touched on men before – we have a lot of people coming into our stores, which obviously includes a lot of men. We found there was a lot of white space with that when we were talking to customers,” said Tom Nolan, CEO of Kendra Scott, who took over the leadership of the brand in February when Scott decided to refocus its efforts on product design and the company’s philanthropic efforts. Scott remains the executive chairman of the society.

“We are always looking for horizontal avenues to grow the business and have had good success with the house – our candles have been really successful and we felt it was easy for women to buy for men in their It’s been a fun project for me – it’s the first time I’ve been able to wear something we’ve done,” added Nolan. The executive himself is featured in Scott Bros.’ first campaign, alongside other Kendra Scott employees.

A mix of semi-precious stones, chains, cords and leather materials gives the line a wide range of options. In keeping with Kendra Scott’s give-back initiatives, 20% of proceeds from the sale of the ‘Cade’ jewelry suite will be donated to Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital Art Therapy Program.

Nolan said the company will be “agile” in its approach to the Scott Bros. lineup. by gauging consumer reaction and responding accordingly with new product launches. But for Nolan, men offer a huge opportunity: “If I look at the macro market for men’s jewelry, it continues to grow. David Yurman, for example, does a fairly large percentage of his business in men.

Scott Bros. by Kendra Scott.
Courtesy/Kendra Scott

“I look at the business from a high-level perspective on white space’s place as a customer. Kendra spoke to her sons and they felt like they were struggling to find jewelry that they could afford that was high quality and that represented them appropriately. Personally, I don’t make big fashion statements as an individual, but I have a personal style and want to identify with something – I felt like there was white space for things I wanted to wear and would be proud of.

While many brands are rushing to label new lines as gender-neutral, Nolan said Kendra Scott adamantly called this men’s line because, “We always celebrate diversity, equity and inclusion for employees. and customers and we wanted to make sure we had gender neutral designs in mind. . We currently have many male customers purchasing our current range of jewelry. His name is Scott Bros. because of Kendra’s sons and I think it’s mostly those who identify as men who will buy. But it’s also gender-neutral enough to be sold to those who identify as female.

The offer will be sold in Kendra Scott stores as well as online, two destinations with a decidedly feminine tone. So Nolan is working with the brand’s merchandisers on how best to present the Scott Bros. line. at the store. “We’ll see wood tones and wood tints in order to capture the primary customer, but it also fits into the environment which is more feminine,” Nolan said.

Rather, he feels, it’s “getting someone who identifies as a man into a store that looks more feminine.” This carries over to marketing and social media, which have all entered the process where we are today.

Ideally, he says, “if all goes well, I would expect [sales] to behave in the same way as our fine and half-fine cases which now each represent a double-digit percentage of our business.

On a broader spectrum, Nolan says store traffic is starting to return to or exceed pre-pandemic levels — especially in the South and Midwest. Kendra Scott “still encourages” all employees to continue wearing masks despite updated CDC guidelines, and will maintain capacity and social distancing rules.

The Kendra Scott brand has opened three new physical retail spaces so far this year – pop-ups in Naples, Florida, College Station, Texas and Columbia, SC Nolan says is “extremely optimistic” about physical retail experiences and is currently looking for additional retail space for the brand.

“We achieved double-digit growth in the first quarter. All of our channels are performing as expected or better – we’re happy with the outlook, but we won’t rest on our laurels. In retail, the majority of our year is in the fourth quarter, so we’re doing our best. All indicators are excellent,” he said.