Martyrdom is a socially-ready unisex jewelry line co-founded by Anwar Hadid – JCK

sterling silver jewelry brand martyrdom is one of many new collections designed and described as unisex. Eva Fehren released a fluid collection earlier this year titled XX/XYjust like nyc Indefinitea direct-to-consumer brand that specializes in simple yet fashion-forward sterling silver.

Los Angeles-based Martyr entered the market in 2018 with a bang, buoyed by young celebrity power and a massive social media following. The collection was founded by famous model and social media celebrity Anwar Hadid – the brother of models Gigi and Bella Hadid, he has three million Instagram followers – and musician Yoni Laham.

Neither founder has a background in jewelry, but both are tastemakers for a certain subset of Gen Z consumers and are big jewelry wearers themselves. In his Instagram posts, Anwar is almost always seen wearing at least a chain and earrings.

Martyr silver rings
Sinner Stack Martyrdom Ring Set, $365
Martyrdom Sinner Necklace
Martyrdom Sinner Necklace, $395
Martyrdom rings Pray for us
Pray for Us Martyr Ring Stack, $245

Highlights in the collection range from $95 to $3,000, and include silver pendant necklaces and rings featuring religious iconography and stamped messages.

A stack of three rings, sold together, reads “Pray for Us”, the brand’s official slogan. The phrase Every sinner dies a saint is also stamped on several pieces, as is the Martyrdom logo, which is boldly affixed to the tops of square silver rings and bracelets, and pendants – a choice that would suggest founders believe their mark has (or perhaps will develop) strong cultural status. Instagram followings from everyone involved suggest the outcome is a distinct possibility.

Martyrdom released their latest collection with a campaign featuring singer-songwriter Zayn Malik, boyfriend of Anwar’s sister Gigi, shot in black and white by the photographer Alana O’Herlihy in her New York apartment. The new photos have been shared on social networks and the brand websitefrom Tuesday on.

Top photo: Zayn Malik in the new Martyrdom campaign (all photos by Alana O’Herlihy, courtesy of Martyrdom)

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