Our list of jewelry brands you should know right now

The jewelry landscape can be a treasure trove or a minefield, depending on your level of expertise with silver, gold, karat or karat, and the surprisingly tricky realm of ring sizes. It’s a diverse and bustling scene, so it helps to have at least an idea of ​​which jewelry brands are sure to deliver quality materials, fine detailing, and ultimately, pieces worth dipping into. ‘invest.

From longtime Cartier and Tiffany & Co. jewelry nobility to new kids on the gold and silver block, this list of established and highly established jewelry brands is a great place to start to avoid letting up. your dollars on a necklace, bracelet, or ring that turns out to be a little less authentic than promised.

Along with a brief introduction to these vendors, the list also includes our top picks currently available from the brands you need to know.

Explore these brands and shop our top products below.

Tiffany and company.

It’s fair to start with the oldest of our jewelry brands, and it’s probably the one that’s already known to everyone. Founded in 1837, Tiffany & Co. has been at the forefront of expertly crafted jewelry and innovative design for over a century. Founder Charles Lewis Tiffany is even said to have introduced the engagement ring as we know it. Years later, and Tiffany & Co. still has the goods.

The famous New York jewelry store’s T Square bracelet comes in 22k sterling silver and is the perfect piece to treat yourself to. Browse to learn more about jewelry royalty.


Second of the historical heavyweights of jewelry, Cartier was born in Paris in 1847 and created by the jeweler Louis-François Cartier. Like its close rival above, Cartier is a brand you’ve probably heard of, if not for its classic timepieces, then perhaps for the brand’s hip-hop affinity. Below, Kanye West proudly shows off his mind-blowing Cartier “Crash” watch, created in 1967, on Twitter.

Also featured in Kanye’s post is an Ecrou de Cartier bracelet, and we’ve included some of the brand’s hottest wrist accessories available right now. Be warned though, this is one of the best jewelers in the world we’re talking about, so these pieces don’t come cheap.


Much younger in blood than the two jewelry giants above, Good Art HLYWD opened in 1990 in Los Angeles. Founder and designer Josh Warner’s pieces reflect the California rock ‘n roll spirit through handmade bracelets, rings, pendants and more, all crafted from precious metals.

Two good examples of Josh’s up to 11 jewelry aesthetic are the “Steal Your Face” pendant – a sterling silver skull piece and bracelet that continues the theme.

all the blues

From sunny Los Angeles to Stockholm and All Blues – a jewelry brand established in 2010 with a vision to disrupt the often wasteful nature of the scene. Made from locally sourced materials, the Swedish brand’s unisex pieces are all set in 925 sterling silver and 18k gold.

A highlight of the brand’s current collection is this gold link bracelet, available in 18k gold vermeil. For more Scandinavian sophistication, explore the All Blues pieces below.

The Gram

Le Gramme is a French brand with a penchant for precision and minimalism. Like its name, each of Le Gramme’s pieces bears the name of its weight. From the sterling silver “Le 31 Grammes” bracelet to the “Le 25/10g Red Cord” piece, Le Gramme accessories are minimal gems that emphasize the quality of the metal.


Established in 2014 on the east coast of Canada, MAPLE produces handcrafted accessories with exquisite detail and at more affordable prices compared to some of its peers on the list. This brass bracelet features hand carved detailing and engraved MAPLE branding.

Another choice piece from Vancouver MAPLE included below is the Peace Symbol Pendant. Crafted from 925 sterling silver, it’s ideally worn on a simple chain to add the finishing touch to an outfit.

Peanuts and Co.

Peanuts and Co. was created by Japanese photographer Yoshiki Suzuki, whose travels around the world have resulted in a collection of jewelry visibly inspired by ancient lands and the history of the United States. Yoshiki’s weird but undeniably wonderful pieces are handmade and feature incredibly intricate detail.

Her quirky accessories include this pendant with the brand’s signature peanut motif and the brass bull ring, embellished with details thanks to her zirconia eyes.

Tom Wood

Using her alter ego, Mona Jensen created the Norwegian lifestyle brand Tom Wood in 2014. In addition to accessories, the brand also produces clothing, accessories and homewares. Unsurprisingly given his roots, Tom Wood offers jewelry that’s minimalist, functional, and classic.

All of the brand’s accessories are handcrafted and its rings are always particularly notable pieces in its collections. The cushion ring is a sterling silver highlight, complemented by a turquoise stone to really grab attention.

Martine Ali

Martine Ali is often known in the jewelry game for her revival of early 2000s hip-hop heavy chains. Not only that, but the Chicago-born designer has also added her unique eye for accessories to DKNY pieces. . Inspired by her late ’90s childhood, of which MTV’s TRL was a regular backdrop, Martine Ali continues to lay down her signature men’s noughties-style chains and necklaces.

Ali’s Cuban Link Bracelet is a hulking piece of silver-dipped brass, also priced at a steal of $150.

Chrome Hearts

Born in the late 80s, Chrome Hearts is a jewelry brand with rock ‘n roll roots, having worked with everyone from the Sex Pistols to the Rolling Stones and Guns N’ Roses on their looks. Besides clothing, furniture and eyewear, to name a few, the brand founded by Richard Stark in Los Angeles has made a name for itself with high-end silver jewelry.

Our signature pieces include this Rolling Stone lip ring, featuring a stunning polished finish and sterling silver composition.