Plumb Club Research Strengthens the Value of Digital Media for the Jewelry Industry

IONE OF THE most comprehensive research papers on the jewelry industry, The Plumb Club Industry & Market Insights 2021, highlights the importance of digital media for today’s consumer. The study reveals how online platforms and social media are key drivers when making purchase decisions and how a consumer uses these platforms on computer, tablet and mobile devices when researching jewelry .

85% of consumers surveyed in this study are active on social networks. The most popular platforms are Facebook (93%) and Instagram (73%). Other social media platforms are far behind with Twitter at 55%, Pinterest at 46% and TikTok at 31%.


59% of consumers say they have made purchases through social networks. That’s a big number considering that social media isn’t primarily for direct selling.

35% of consumers say they feel comfortable purchasing their jewelry online and 33% credit retailer websites as a major influencer in jewelry purchases.


When asked how they use technology for the buying process, 79% research a product online and 64% shop for jewelry online. When it comes to watches, 54% of consumers surveyed bought online.

Highlighting the importance of reputation and quality, 31% of consumers say they leave product reviews online.

When shopping online, 39% say the most preferred method is a mobile device. 34% use a laptop, while 16% prefer a desktop and 12% a tablet – an important reminder that websites should be intuitive and easy to navigate on all devices.


The above results were part of a large, multi-center study initiated by The Plumb Club, a coalition of 45 top suppliers to the jewelry and watch industry. The study was conducted during the first half of 2021 with a sample of 1,049 men and women between the ages of 25 and 60, focusing on 10 test markets across the United States. This was made with the help of Paola Deluca, The Futurist and Qualtrics.

Additional insights from this extensive research will be shared over the coming weeks. Any retailer wanting more information on The Plumb Club Industry & Market Insights 2021 should contact a Plumb Club member. For a complete list of Plumb Club members, visit here or email [email protected]