Riyadh dazzled by rare and unique pieces from global jewelry brands

RIYADH: When Jewelry Salon opened in Riyadh in 2010, it was a hub where local designers could exhibit their work and develop their brands. Since then, it has also become a regional showcase and focal point for jewelry enthusiasts, investors and prestigious local and international companies.

Described as offering the largest jewelry exhibition in the Middle East, the show takes part in the Riyadh season and currently hosts a diverse collection of unique designs and limited pieces from companies from over 16 countries.

One of them is Boghossian, a Swiss family-owned jewelry company that started in Mardin in 1868 and has passed down the secrets of its unique craftsmanship and artistry through six generations. His designs fetch record prices at international auctions and are truly one-of-a-kind pieces with signature patents that cannot be copied.

Boghossian created, for example, the intricate Merveilles technique that allows more light to illuminate the diamonds by dramatically reducing the amount of metal used to support the gemstones.

“The Marvels are something that’s never been created before, and because there’s so little metal involved, there’s luminosity all around,” said Dalia Boghossian, the company’s chief marketing officer, to Arab News, adding that it took four years of research and development to perfect the technique, which creates a seamless structure that gives the impression of a floating diamond.

“We actually have a patent for the Wonders, so no one else creates it like we do. It’s so special because the diamonds hold each other, rather than using metal claws.

The Jewelry Salon hosts the most expensive COVID mask in the world created by the American brand Yves.

Veschetti, a high-end Italian family-owned jewelry company founded in 1949, visits Riyadh for the second time and presents a colorful collection of handcrafted pieces, including rare and precious gemstones, inspired by Italian culture. .

“Through our jewelry, we share our Italian culture and beauty,” said Brescia-born Chiara Veschetti, owner of the business. “Our experience in Saudi Arabia has been very good for many years; the Saudi people really appreciate our style. I think Saudis and Italians are very similar.

Veschetti first visited the Kingdom 17 years ago, to take part in Bisat Al-Reeh, a renowned annual festival in Jeddah during Ramadan.

“It was very magical and very different from Italy, and since then we have never stopped coming, except (during the pandemic),” she said.

In Riyadh, the company is exhibiting for the first time an “ancient stone”, classified as “gemological rarity”, discovered three years ago in Myanmar.

Swiss jeweler Boghossian has created an intricate technique called Les Merveilles that allows an uninterrupted stream of light to surround the diamonds.

“We brought this necklace made of emeralds, and in the center is an amazing natural Burmese sapphire with an Arabic inscription,” Veschetti said. The ancient inscription reads: “In the name of God who is most merciful and greatest.”

“The organization this year in Riyadh is incredible,” she added. “There is always a chance to collaborate more if we come more than once a year.”

Sicis Jewels, based in Milan, also exhibits its creations at the Salon de la joaillerie. The rooms are described as a blend of art and nature, incorporating murals and brightly colored shapes in a ‘micromosaic’.

“In the last piece, called Destino Incantato, which means enchanted destiny, there are precious jewels such as tanzanites and rubellites which are adorned with the micromosaic,” Gabriella Lanfranchi, sales manager at Sicis, told Arab News. .

The luxurious collection departs from standard designs, with gemstones forming a kind of wearable paint that embodies the richness of Italian culture.

“Micromosaic is an art practiced by our best artisans in Ravenna, the capital of mosaic art,” Lanfranchi said. “With this collection, we are perfecting the ancient art of mosaic.”

The American jewelry house Harry Winston is considered an industry leader known, among other things, for its handcrafted engagement and wedding rings adorned with the most precious and rare diamonds.

“Harry Winston is one of the unique brands,” said Jamil Matar, chairman of Al-Fardan Group, Harry Winston’s partner in Saudi Arabia since 1992.

“It’s international knowledge that when (founder Harry Winston) was alive he was the smartest jeweller. He could figure out what would be produced just by looking at the rough stones, which isn’t easy.

This year, the company presents the Harry Winston Timepieces collection of rare and limited edition watches. The Histoire de Tourbillon and Opus collections are of particular interest to collectors who appreciate delicate horological mechanisms in exquisite and unique timepieces.

“We are here at the Riyadh expo counting on big customers to come,” Matar said. “And that’s when everyone is there.”

Perhaps the highlight of the show on display at the Salon de la joaillerie, and certainly one of the most current creations, is the most expensive face mask in the world, created by luxury brand Yvel.

“I am proud to present the most expensive COVID mask in the world,” Isaac D. Levy, company president, told Arab News. “It’s an N-99, it’s made of 3,608 diamonds and it took almost nine months to assemble”

The mask, which sold for $1.5 million, is on loan to the Jewelery Show as an exhibit.