Satchel Lee’s Pride Jewelry Line with Junkie Accessory

“There’s a lot of pride that I get where I am, Alright, there’s once a year I can wear thissays Satchel Lee, LGBTQ+ activist, photographer and daughter of director Spike Lee.

Wearing items to celebrate Pride month is nothing new, but when Lee was approached by Accessory Junkie, a jewelry brand specializing in handcrafted and one-of-a-kind pieces, to curate a Pride collection, she wanted his is different. Lee wanted the accessories to show pride in an understated way, but also keep queer activism front and center.

“While I have the privilege and the pleasure of working with a company like Accessory Junkie, it is also my privilege, my obligation and my duty to elevate the most marginalized voices of the LGBTQ community, which are the people trans people, especially black and brown and indigenous people. trans women. she says.

Photo: Satchel Lee

To achieve this, Lee helped Accessory Junkie team up with the Human Rights Campaign’s transgender and non-binary initiative, Count on me. Her 15-piece jewelry line will include a capsule of items that will donate 15% of proceeds to the initiative, including the Sam earring, the Tylin Ring, the Nadene earring, the Muse Necklace, and the star of the collection — the Jill phone bag, which is available in a (tasteful) rainbow and black, and has been handcrafted in Argentina.

“I’m not a huge fan of the colors, but it’s a lovely pastel rainbow. I wanted to celebrate the pride, but not make it feel too on the nose,” Lee explains. [Jill Phone] The bag communicates what you want to communicate and you can take it anywhere, anytime — so [I’m] excited.” She photographed the line herself, including her own friends with identities that represent the full breadth of the queer community, including many queer people of color.

Michelle Reeves, co-founder and CEO of Accessory Junkie, says she hopes the line inspires continued activism. “We loved working with Satchel, she embodies the very essence of our brand. She is global, inclusive, and she really enjoys empowering others. We saw Pride as a catalyst to put that in the spotlight and start the conversation,” Reeves said.

The brand hopes to continue this collaboration and this collection in the fall, but you can buy it now on the occasion of pride.