She created a line of modernist jewelry inspired by science and mathematics

Ariadne Kapelioti is a scientist by training but has always had a keen sense of design. Ten years ago, she decided to change course and use her degree in physics to launch a jewelry brand. But his designs don’t stray completely from his previous career. His pieces to his eponymous line Ariane Kapelioti are all 3D printed and explore the relationship between form and math; her earrings, bracelets and necklaces look like modernist sculptures, incorporating traditional materials in non-traditional ways. Today, the Thessaloniki, Greece-based entrepreneur is happy to have built a loyal following and founded the very first 3D jewelry company in Greece.

Kapeliotithe story, as told to The 1,000+ Stories Story Exchange Project:

What was your reason for starting your business?

Having a background in physics as well as art and design, I consider myself a scientist turned artist or a designer with a scientific approach. Therefore, my reason for starting was to combine my passion for science and design, which may seem like two contradictory subjects, but they have fundamental similarities. Both disciplines require creativity, patience, research, inspiration and hard work. A keen interest in the creative process led me to extensive research and development in jewelry construction via 3D printing and a greater multidisciplinary design philosophy.

how do you define success?

Success is very subjective and personal. Even though I set goals for myself, I always keep pushing myself to never reach a point where I feel overwhelmed. There is always more room to learn and grow. I’ve come to discover that the most satisfying way to define personal success is to do it every step of the way. All in all, my own definition of success is waking up with a smile every day.

Tell us about your biggest success to date

Besides building a list of beautiful, loyal customers, my greatest success is overcoming the real challenges that a small business owner faces on a daily basis. Like finding the right balance between working long hours and enjoying life, or creating a situation where my business can continue in my absence.

What is your main challenge and how did you overcome it?

As mentioned, I founded the first Greek jewelry brand to embrace advanced 3D printing technology. That was a decade ago when consumers and buyers were unfamiliar with the concept of additive manufacturing. As a result, introducing high-quality 3D printed jewelry to the Greek public took a lot of time and patience. This is the biggest challenge I’ve faced to date as a designer and business owner.

What’s your biggest tip for other startup entrepreneurs?

Follow your plan and dreams with confidence at all times.

How do you find inspiration in your darkest days?

I love listening to David Bowie.

Who is your most important role model?

Gloria Steinem is my most important role model. Acclaimed journalist, pioneering feminist and one of the most visible and passionate leaders and spokespersons of the women’s rights movement. Throughout her life, she fought for women to take their rightful place, alongside men. I admire Gloria Steinem for being ahead of her time and standing firm for her beliefs.

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