Sustainable Jewelry Brands – Eco-Friendly Jewelry Brands

Sustainability is one of the biggest conversations going on in the jewelry industry right now. From using ethically sourced recycled materials to eliminating reckless production and unfair compensation, most industry players are changing their ways. But some brands follow and promote this practice from the beginning. Ahead, feast on eco-conscious labels that make a difference while offering the chic styles we all desire.


14K Gold Necklace + NET SUSTAIN Dollhouse

You’ve definitely spotted Catbird on Instagram adorning the necks of influencers, editors, and models. Each delicate piece uses recycled materials and is handcrafted in the heart of New York. They support Living Wages, while donating 1% of annual sales to charity.


Diamond Layering Ring

Aurate’s exquisitely designed jewelry doesn’t just look pretty. Each collection is crafted by seventh-generation artisans from sustainably sourced materials. Elevate yourself to the brand’s higher standards with sparkling midi rings, necklaces and studs. Recently, Kerry Washington became an investor.

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Dion Necklace

AGMES is dedicated to curating collections that not only exude sophistication, but leave as little environmental footprint as possible. Its eye-catching pieces are made domestically to support local businesses.


Sandy Leon

With sustainability at the epicenter of every collection, Sandy Leong proudly crafts its pieces from recycled 18k gold and ethically sourced gemstones and diamonds. Production is executed in New York by transparent manufacturers, and the results are superbly high.


Compass earring

Accompany sets out to design collections created by artisans in emerging economies, and that’s exactly what it does. Thanks to the transparent practice of direct trade, the coveted label is made by women, for women.


bracelet of wind

Bario Neal designers noticed the true detrimental cost of mining metals and gemstones and decided to create ethically sourced pieces. Each piece will last a lifetime, so it’s worth the investment.


PI Max hoop earring

Combining modern silhouettes and ethical practices, SVNR is committed to sustainable manufacturing techniques. All jewelry is handcrafted from uncovered and recycled materials.


ID wristband

Vanessa Lianne’s pieces are made from 100% recycled and ethically sourced materials. Even his diamonds are recovered. Each piece of jewelry is sophisticated enough to become a family keepsake.


Shimo Diamond Ring

Of raw and natural origin, the stones of Young in the Mountains retain their original silhouettes. Each piece comes directly from miners across the country. The motto of the brand: “Our hands are human, not robotic”.


Sterling silver and diamond pendant necklace

Handcrafted in New York from recycled 14k gold and ethically sourced diamonds and stones, the Ali Grace collection will become your favorite brand to gift.


Troika Spiral Knuckle Ring

With pieces that fall between the modern and the traditional, Noor Shamma uses skilled New York artisans. Each piece is sleek, recycled, and conflict-free.


Abalos earrings

Founded in 1918, Castlecliff was relaunched in 2017 as an enduring brand. It avoids toxic plating and casts all parts in recycled brass. Highlight all of her enviable pieces by layering them. The more, the better.


Bracelet Talula

Gisa Golpira launched her eponymous brand in 2014 with a commitment to source every element in every product.


Barely There Hoops

The creations of Irina Victoria Jewelry are limited; the brand does not overproduce for fashion. Designed and manufactured under the same roof, its minimalist pieces reduce their impact on the environment. Additionally, IVJ donates 5% of online profits to the Wildlife Conservation Network.


Croissant Hoops

In less than a decade, Cuyana has built its offerings to include apparel, handbags and, more recently, jewelry, all of which follow the brand’s tagline: “Less is better is the philosophy behind everything we do. do”.

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