The Automic Gold Plus Size Jewelry Line Goes Up To Size 16 In Rings And It’s Too Cute

In the fashion industry, size inclusion is a major topic of conversation. From discussions of plus size retailers needing to stock more size 24 to straight size brands needing to go beyond their current offerings, things are changing. The jewelry industry seems to be slower. that’s why Automic Gold’s sizeless jewelry the line is so important. Not only is the brand here to challenge fatphobia in the world of fine jewelry, but it makes the ultra-trendy minimalist trend inclusive and accessible to everyone, regardless of gender or size.

Automic Gold is owned and directed by AL Sandimirova, who is committed to making inclusive pieces a part of the fine jewelry world that often only caters to a small demographic.

Sandimirova is a goldsmith and jewelry designer who creates the stunning designs for Automic Gold. The brand offers beautiful minimalist fine jewelry, but also has significant northern stars that guide it. If the parts weren’t enough to get you shopping (but they probably were), the company’s mission statement is sure to sway you to their website.

According to the brand’s website, Automic Gold is dedicated to being “genderless, inclusive, and diverse.” That means a couple of things for the way they do business. First of all, they pledged not to photoshop in order to celebrate bodies as they are. Second, diversity matters, and their campaign images reflect that. They hire non-white, non-cis, and various-size models for their work. Finally, their designs are made right here in the USA.

You are already in love, aren’t you? Well, it gets even better.

Automic Gold is the only fine jewelry brand (yes, only) to offer size selections. The idea is practically an answered prayer for more people. The brand’s ring selections start at a size two and extend to a size 16.

Automic Gold also seems to be aware of how body plus is often left out of jewelry trends. Currently, stacking, layering and minimalist designs are all the rage. However, these designs can be difficult to find for those whose ring sizes or wrist and neck measurements do not meet the straight size parameters. Automic Gold changes that with their designs and sizes.

In fact, on their Instagram account, the brand confronts fatphobia in the jewelry industry and embraces the fact that minimalist pieces often exclude people more. The brand writes: “The library is open. Today we read: the fat-phobic fine jewelry industry. We never had to wonder what sizes to produce the rings in – all of them. Apparently, it’s revolutionary Just recently we realized that we are the ONLY fine jewelry brand that stocks rings in plus sizes. Shame on you fine jewelry industry! The big hands covered in gold and diamonds are gorgeous, see the proof above.

The brand is right. They are revolutionary. Living in a world where plus people, non-cis people and people of color are overlooked in the beauty industries can be trying, but Automic Gold makes space for these people in a beautiful way and tilts the fine jewelry industry in the process.

An earlier version of this story misrepresented who founded Automic Gold. It has been updated to accurately reflect the correct Founder.