Transform your luxurious assets into a brand new line of credit!

Find out how much cash your watches, jewelry, diamonds, or high-end bags can fetch for you with Oak Park Financial.

We offer quick cash for your luxury items, and you have the option of either a cash loan or even selling the possessions ultimately. Just visit Oak Park Financial, and our experts will assist you in determining the best option for you before order to meet your financial requirements. Bring in your precious items now for a complimentary assessment.

Easy Steps to Get the Jewelry Collateral A Watch or Loan

  • Take an item(s) to serve as collateral with an ID issued by the government.
  • Expert evaluations by our GIA experienced staff
  • Quotes for competitiveness based on market value
  • CASH right on the spot
  • Your valuables are safe with us.
  • Take your item back anytime before the 90-day timeframe or pay the fee to prolong the credit

What is the reason behind Oak Park Financial?

  • Experts in the lending and jewelry company for three generations
  • CASH at the point of purchase
  • There is no credit check
  • A short-term, 90-day loan
  • No payment is required for the first 90 days
  • Increase the amount of your loan by paying the interest
  • There is no limit to the number of loans.
  • Vast knowledge of diamonds, coins, and precious metals

Asset-Based Loans

Like pawnshops and various other Loan and Jewelry businesses, we are heavily controlled and licensed by local and state government agencies. In contrast to pawnshops and different Loan and Jewelry businesses, we have a lower interest rate. We are affordable and provide you with the best dollars. We offer the most welcoming, safe, and comfortable environment. If you walk into our showroom, you’ll be able to see that we’re like no other!

Oak Park Financial has helped clients receive fast cash for their precious jewelry pieces for more than 50 years. Our highly trained experts in gold and diamonds will evaluate your diamond, gold, or any other part of jewelry and provide you with the highest amount of money for your asset of high value.

We also offer collateral loans on other things that are worth it. We also provide watches for loans on a range of brands.

How does collateral-based Lending Perform?

Collateral-based lending operates as follows you as the borrower are provided with an appraisal to be used for any high-end jewelry piece or other objects you assess.

Our expert appraisers from Oak Park Financial will inform you of the value of the loan for the item you are selling and will then tell you the amount of money we could lend you to purchase your object. The appraisal of your loaned item is at no cost to you, and there’s no obligation to sign any loan agreement in the amount of loan you have been authorized for.

If you decide to accept the loan amount that the item of your choice can qualify for, we’ll explain the specifics of this loan to you, both in writing and in our written loan agreement. When you’re happy with the conditions and terms of the loan, you’ll be able to take a signature on the loan contract and receive your money immediately.

Once the principal balance and the interest on your loan have been paid in full, the product is returned to you.

We provide a lower rate of interest of our loans than what you would find at traditional pawnshops and provide you with the highest amount of loan for your belongings in a safe, comfortable and secure environment.

If you bring your item of collateral in for appraisal and offer the amount of a loan, we will also provide you a purchase price in addition. In some instances, selling an item at the time of sale is higher than the amount we offer you to take out an installment loan for the object.

The assessment of your property for both sell and loan price will provide you with additional options to consider when you determine the most effective alternative to address your financial issues.

What kind of jewelry will You Loan Money To?

We offer loans for a wide range of high-end jewelry items, such as:

  • Engagement rings with diamonds, wedding sets
  • Fine jewelry necklaces
  • Estate jewelry pieces
  • Stone and gold bracelets, earrings, and more
  • We’ll give you cash for nearly any jewelry item that you have. We’ll even provide money for the most expensive jewelry items.
  • Jewelry pieces that have broken or do not function correctly.

Elite also provides watch loans for high-end timepieces. Bring your clock into our store to be evaluated.

Other items are also acceptable as collateral loans, including high-end electronic items, authentic designer handbags, musical instruments, gold bullion and coins, and much more.

Contact us to find out more, or bring your possessions to us today to calculate the amount we’ll lend you for the items you have.

How do you determine the Value of My Loan Item?

Various aspects of the piece itself determine what you can get from your jewelry piece. It requires a jewelry expert to assess the worth of a gold piece such as a fine diamond or another jewelry item.

All our employees all of our staff members are GIA certified. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) certification is recognized worldwide as the standard used by industry professionals to objectively and precisely assess the 4 “Cs” of diamonds: carat clarity, color, and cut.

The worth of a diamond or any other jewelry item of a high-end quality is determined by how good the metal or stone is in the piece is. The GIA certificate of our team ensures you’ll receive an appropriate amount of loan for your piece that is reflected in its actual value.

In the case of non-jewelry objects used as collateral, our staff has been trained to determine the value of any item we accept as security for the loan. Our in-depth training for our team allows you to feel confident that the amount you receive for the item you’re selling is at or greater than industry norms. This is the case for watch loans, billions and coins, and electronic equipment.

What are the things I need to bring to get a loan?

Suppose you’re interested in taking out a loan based on collateral with us. In that case, you’ll need to bring the collateral item along with an official ID with a photograph, like a passport, the driver’s license of a state-issued permit, or a government-issued identification card. If you’ve got any documentation related to the item, like an appraisal that has been certified or a certificate of worth, it’s essential to bring these documents in addition.

You do have to have at minimum the age of 18 to be eligible for a loan secured by collateral with Oak Park Financial. This is because Arizona is one of the states that Arizona (and every other state) require that a person is 18 to sign a legal and legally binding contract.

There are also no limitations on the amount of collateral-based loans you could receive through us. If you own a qualifying collateral object that is yours, then we will be able to offer you a loan for that item.

What happens to my jewelry after giving the item to you as Collateral?

Oak Park Financial prides itself on ensuring that the collateral items for your jewelry loan are safe and secure. Once you sign the loan agreement and receive your cash, we transfer your jewelry or other valuables in an unsecured, private place that is watched 24 hours a day, seven every day of the week, with both off and on-site security measures.

You can rest assured that your expensive jewelry and other valuables are used as collateral for the loan will be safe during their time in our custody.

What if I’m unable to pay the loan back?

In certain situations, individuals confront additional financial challenges, and the customer can’t repay the collateral-based loan in the manner the loan was initially scheduled. The circumstances can change, and things happen. We are aware of this and will collaborate with you to agree to settle the issue if it is difficult.

In this instance, while our typical collateral-based loan provides 90 days but we can, in many circumstances, extend the term of your loan to an additional 90-day loan repayment time as long as you’re capable of paying the interest on the loan by the expiration of the 90-day timeframe. Further 90-day extensions to your loan are usually available too.

In other instances, you may want or have to surrender the jewelry item or other precious items to be paid in full for your loan balance. If this occurs, you won’t be required to pay any additional costs in exchange for surrendering your possession, and we will not report your loan’s non-payment or late payment details to a credit report agency.

No matter the issue or situation, our loan specialists will collaborate with you and do their best to help you find a solution that gives you tranquility.

I have bad credit or no credit. Can you help?

We at Oak Park Financial do not verify your credit, and we don’t base the amount of your loan on your credit history. Instead, we establish the amount of your loan on the worth of the asset that you submit as collateral, and the item serves as security for your loan.

So your credit history, as well as credit score, don’t matter as you’re applying for the loan, which is secured by a valuable item and can be paid in complete by surrendering the thing.

This means we can assist you in obtaining the collateral loan you need regardless of what your present or previous credit report is like.

If your bank doesn’t give you the cash to cover your financial situation, We can assure you that we’ll be able to assist by providing an unsecured loan based on your assets’ worth.

How Do You Safeguard My valuables from being used as security for a jewelry collateral loan by an unauthorized person?

In Oak Park Financial, we collaborate with local law enforcement officials by giving them a thorough description of each item accepted in every purchase or loan transaction. We also provide the identity information of the person selling the item or seeking a loan using the item as collateral.

The law enforcement agency then checks their database to ensure that items that we accept aren’t considered stolen because we’re obliged to store any items sold for two weeks while law enforcement reviews their list of stolen items reported to them. You can be assured that we will never allow stolen items to be traded illegally so long as you’ve made a report to local authorities to enable them to include your stolen items in their database.

We take every step to ensure that the products we purchase and sell are legally acquired, working with local authorities to assist in locating items stolen from the streets that might be brought into our stores.

A collateral-based loan from the professional, caring personnel in Oak Park Financial is straightforward, safe, and allows you to quickly receive the money you require. Bring your prized possession to one of our locations to learn more about the process or obtain an appraisal for the collateral loan.