Virgil Abloh launches eponymous brand with his first jewelry line – WWD

PARIS — Virgil Abloh launches a new brand under his own name with a first collection of jewelry inspired by the humble trombone.

The artistic director of menswear at Louis Vuitton and creative director of high-end streetwear brand Off-White, Abloh posted an image of a box on Monday labeled “Giant Recycled Paper Clips” and the brand name “Virgil Abloh “, followed by another image showing him wearing a necklace made of paperclips.

The designer told WWD that he plans to showcase his eponymous debut jewelry collection, alongside his latest handbag and sneaker designs for Off-White, at the ‘Floral Shop’, a pop-up store in the Hotel. Costes which should work from January 17 at 29 to coincide with the men’s ready-to-wear and women’s haute couture shows in Paris.

“I’ve selected my favorite flowers, simple bouquets that can be purchased, but I’m also planning high-quality jewelry that bears my own name. It’s not associated with Off-White per se,” he said. he declares.

“These will be on display for the first time. I’ve been developing them for three years,” added Abloh, who often wore a necklace of paperclips.

The pieces will be available for pre-order. “It’s a necklace, there are earrings, there is an accessory. The idea is like fine jewelry for everyone. It’s a crash – it’s a paperclip, but it’s also pavé diamonds made in a very specific way,” he revealed.

The site will also feature Off-White’s new women’s handbag design, the Jitney, which features a rotating magnetic lock in the shape of the brand’s arrow-cross logo.

“It’s not so much like see-now-buy-now. What we do is we offer it by early reservation, so you can get the bag before it hits the stores,” Abloh explained.

Off-White’s new sneakers were developed without Nike. Abloh recently revealed the end of his hugely successful collaboration with sportswear brand The Ten, and said he was working with Nike to define the next chapter.

“My requirement is that if we want to do something, it has to be innovative on the same scale and as impactful as this, otherwise it’s not worth doing. So we are in this phase of development and seeing which direction could potentially be the way forward,” he said.

Known for working with a wide range of brands, from Ikea and Byredo to Jimmy Choo, Warby Parker, Moncler, Umbro and Sunglass Hut, Abloh was recently named the first creative consultant for the design of sustainable innovations at the brand of Evian mineral water.

“My ideas don’t stay tidy in one box,” he said with a smirk. Her interest in flowers may surprise some, although Abloh has suggested this could be her exit strategy from the luxury rush.

“When I’m old and done, I’ll be in some far off town somewhere, owning a flower shop. I have the concept already done. But that’s what I like the most,” he said, noting that his favorite flower is cotton.

“It’s going to be super weird, super distant. I’ll be on top of it all and just put some creativity into the bouquets. Who knows, maybe it will be soon? he teased.